Our Magazine and Newspapers are recorded and delivered throughout the year, with all of the work being undertaken by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Most of our volunteers help out one week in every four, and work as part of a regular team. Whilst we love to have younger people involved, our shortage of regular weekly volunteering positions means that volunteering with us is generally unsuitable for awards schemes such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Below are some of the roles at the talking newspaper:

An Editor leads the News or Magazine team each week, selecting and preparing articles to be read for each recording. the Editor also takes on the role of a reader during the recording session.
Each recording uses a team of readers taking it in turn to read out articles from the local papers, or items of interest, so that there is a variety of voices heard.
The Producer for each team handles the actual recording process, managing the mixing desk, and preparing the finished audio files for duplication at the end of the recording session.
Once the Magazine and News sections of the weekly recording are prepared, they are copied out to tapes or memory sticks, and posted out to our listeners. Our Dispatchers ensure that the correct recordings are sent out to each listener, and that everything is done in time for the Royal Mail collection!
Support Team
Members of the Support Team sort and prepare returned tapes and memory sticks, so that they are ready to be re-used for the next edition of the paper, they also take care of administrative tasks such as handling listeners requests, and registering new listeners for the newspaper.

If you would like to volunteer your services in any way to help produce weekly News and Magazine tapes and memory sticks, please telephone us (Thursday/Friday evenings, or leave a message on our answerphone) on 01244 409000 to arrange a visit to our studio.